The CASCADE study

Maximising engagement, motivation and long term change in a Structured Intensive Education Programme in Diabetes for children, young people and their families:
Child and Adolescent Structured Competencies Approach to Diabetes Education

Research Team

School of Pharmacy
Institute of Education
London School of Hygiene
and Tropical Medicine
Diabetes UK
Dr Deborah Christie Prof Felicity Smith Mary Sawtell Prof John Cairns Simon O'Neil
Dr Russell Viner Prof Ian Wong Prof Sandy Oliver Prof Diana Elbourne  
Prof Peter Hindmarsh Dr Liz Jamieson Dr Katrina Hargreaves Dr Elizabeth Allen  
Rebecca Thompson   Anne Ingold    
Cassie Solomon   Meg Wiggins    

Trial Steering Committee
Prof David Dunger (Chair)
Prof Jacqui Barnes
Prof Tim Cole
Data Monitoring Committee
Prof Chris Kelner
Dr Robert Coe
Dr Chris Patterson
Dr Darren Ashcroft

Contact Details; For any questions relating to the trial please contact Dr. Deborah Christie.

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